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The Short Family

Mary meets up with a southern bunch that is trapped by the burden of bills. Mary is ready to aim and fire a set of rules their way to get them back on their feet and fully loaded for the future.
Childhood sweethearts, Mike and Jeanne Short, worked their whole careers to create a large financial cushion, which suddenly deflated when Mike was told he had an incurable disease. The family of five banned together and Mike miraculously overcame his diagnosis, but the financial side effects have lingered behind. With hopes of putting their youngest son through college and dreams of moving down south seeming impossible, the Short family hopes Mary is the cure they have been looking for.
Segment 1
Meet the Short Family
Meet the Short Family
The Short family loves their country lifestyle and hopes to one day move south, but feels trapped by their overwhelming debt. They have already defeated an incurable disease, and now hope to beat their bills. The hunt is on to get this family armed and ready for the future.
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Segment 2
Lay it on the Table
Lay it on the Table
The Short family should be celebrating life but instead they are being suffocated by their money problems. Will Mary's rules set them free?
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Segment 3
Memory Lane
Memory Lane
With the rules delivered, Mary brings in an expert to see if the Short family can turn their dreams of moving south into a reality. But will Mike's memories stand in the way of moving on?
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Segment 4
A Release of Emotions
A Release of Emotions
Before Mary leaves, the Short family shares an intimate moment as they finally let out years of pent up emotions.
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Segment 5
Web Exclusive: Moving House
Web Exclusive: Moving House
Mary helps the Short family realize what they can afford.
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Segment 6
Web Exclusive: Home Selling Tips
Web Exclusive: Home Selling Tips
Mary teams up with a realtor to come up with some great tips for selling your house.
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