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The Final Rule

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Before Mary leaves the Lafferty family, she delivers one final rule that will help them score without her watchful eye.

Now that the whole family is playing on the same money team, Mary makes clear that the Lafferty squad needs two strong coaches. This means Matt will have to be on the money team if they are going to find financial success. Matt and Amy make a money vow before Mary leaves. It looks like this team is a winner!

The Lafferty Family: Kids First, Budget Second

Other segments featured on this episode of We Owe What:

Meet The Lafferty Family
Meet The Lafferty Family
This active family spares no expense when it comes to the kids' happiness. With hefty bills adding up from unnecessary shopping sprees and sporty after-school activities, the Lafferty's need a new strategy to win this financial battle.
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Mary Lays Down the Law
Mary Lays Down the Law
Mary has a heart to heart with Amy and Matt about their expenses, and presents the whole family with money rules.
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Mary Implements the Rules
Mary Implements the Rules
The youngest member of the Lafferty family has taken the rules by storm. But mom, Amy, finds one rule to be more challenging than she had expected.
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Web Exclusive: The Lafferty Kids
Web Exclusive: The Lafferty Kids
The Lafferty Kids tell it how it is.
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