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The Chandler Family

The Chandler family is devoted to their church, but has lost faith in their finances. Even after downsizing to a smaller house, Nate and Thilana still find themselves in the red each month. With bills mounting and five children to feed, the Chandler family needs Mary to clean their financial house.
Segment 1
Meet the Chandler Family!
Meet the Chandler Family!
The Chandler family is a creative bunch with ambitious goals that are sometimes clouded by their financial reality.
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Segment 2
Year of No Excuses
Year of No Excuses
Nate and Thilana made clear that this is the year of no excuses. Will they be held accountable or will their slogan waver when Mary gives them their rules?
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Segment 3
Marys Tough Love
Mary's Tough Love
Mary holds Nate accountable for his actions, and gives him the tools to automate his finances. Will Mary's tough love be too much for Nate to bear?
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Segment 4
The Heated Discussion
The Heated Discussion
Things get heated when Mary tackles the Chandler family's non-negotiable church contributions.
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Segment 5
Web Exclusive: Smart Kids
Web Exclusive: Smart Kids
Despite their own struggles, Nate and Thilana have taught their kids the importance of financial responsibility.
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Segment 6
Web Exclusive: Pageant Girl
Web Exclusive: Pageant Girl
Jade loves to do pageants, but have her parent's finances held her back?
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Segment 7
Web Exclusive: Student Loans
Web Exclusive: Student Loans
Thilana is well educated, but that comes at a price.
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Segment 8
Web Exclusive: Thilana Sings
Web Exclusive: Thilana Sings
Thilana is the Praise and Worship Director at her church.
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Segment 9
Web Exclusive: Thilanas Favorite Phrase
Web Exclusive: Thilana's Favorite Phrase
Find out Thilana's favorite phrase.
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