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Singing a New Tune

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With Mary's guidance, John shares his financial secrets with Cindy and her reaction stirs up a conversation that is long overdue. Mary also sheds light on a past investment that didn't reap the desired rewards. Are John and Cindy ready let go of past mistakes and focus on a better future?

Cindy gets fired up when John shares financial secrets. She had no idea that they had credit card debt.

And, when a past investment is brought up, emotions run high. But Mary helps them work through the financial hurdles and share the money stress. Ultimately Mary prepares the Russo family for a new chapter in their lives. Now it's up to Cindy and John to turn the page.

The Russo Family

Other segments featured on this episode of We Owe What:

Meet the Russo Family
Meet the Russo Family
The Russo family has put their sons' band center stage, while their finances have gotten lost in the crowd. With job downgrades and failed past investments, the Russo family is getting tuned out by the stress of the finances. Can they find the voice of reason?
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Finding Financial Harmony
Finding Financial Harmony
The Russo family know how to work hard and rock out, but their finances are skipping a beat. Can Mary help this family find financial harmony?
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Face the Money Music
Face the Money Music
Mary shows Cruise and John how to take responsibility for the finances of their band. But are the boys ready to cut mom and dad out of the chorus?
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Web Exclusive: Toothache
Web Exclusive: Toothache
Unexpected medical bills are giving John toothache.
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