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Owning a Salon 101

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Owning a Salon 101

After coming to a crucial understanding, Mary proceeds with her rules. Will she be able to make this business the American dream? Or will it turn into a nightmare?

With Julia on board, Mary moves the ladies to a nationally recognized salon for some much needed guidance. After learning the ins and outs of owning a salon, the trio head to supply shop to test Kelly's product IQ. After acing the test, Mary is confident in Kelly's capability as a salon owner. The only question is will she rise to the occasion? Or be blown away by fear?

The Clark Family

Other segments featured on this episode of We Owe What:

Meet the Clarks!
Meet the Clarks!
When Mary gets word that the Clarks are starting a business without a financial plan, she rushes to their side! It's time to snip away their money woes, and create some stylish surplus.
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Snipping Away Bad Habits
Snipping Away Bad Habits
Mary tries to cut Kelly's spending habits before the business suffers. Will Mary's rules straighten out the salon's finances? Or is the business over before it has begun?
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Family Fortunes or Feuds
Family Fortunes or Feuds
Mary dished out the rules. Now it's time to see if the Clarks choose family over business.
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