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Meet the Nolan Family

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Elana Nolan, 29, enjoys the finer things in life -- from clothes to nights out on the town. But her constant spending is leaving her bank account running on empty. Trapped at home with mom and dad, Elana is itching to break free, but before she can make the leap, Mary needs to show her how to choose results over retail.

As a health insurance consultant, Elana works from home and brings in a substantial income -- yet somehow the money always seems to be spent faster than it's earned. Whether it's online shopping or maintaining her primped and pampered image, Elana is willing to rack up the bills for the lifestyle she loves. But when funds run out -- it's mom's wallet that she turns to. With significant credit card debt and over-due student loans -- it's time for Elana to clean up the financial mistakes of her 20's and give herself a fresh start for her 30's.
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