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Meet the Carolus Family

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Meet the Carolus Family

Tammy and Ed Carolus are living on a Hollywood budget. With three children destined for fame, Tammy is burning through cash. But will that leave their bank account in ashes?

The Carolus family lives an extravagant lifestyle on a small budget. Ed, who works in construction, believes in saving for a rainy day; while Tammy, who works for the government, believes in using the cash to live life to the fullest. She even drives a Jaguar.

Tammy is banking on big-time fame from her children to reimburse the excessive spending. With a dancer, a race car driver, and a wrestler at hand -- all the kids need is their big break! Tammy has bought a fully stocked tour bus to be prepared for the big moment. But will that moment come before their bank account crashes and burns?

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