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Mary's Rules Hit Home

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The Woronicak family is quickly realizing that implementing the rules is much more difficult than they thought. Although Mary is giving them some tough love, it just seems plain harsh to Kelly.

When Kelly and Steve start following the rules, they begin to see that the path to financial success isn't always the easiest. Mary needs to show them why it's so important to save -- and she needs to show them now.

Mary brings in a home specialist who takes a look at one of the home repair issues that they've been neglecting. His message? If they don't fix the problem soon, it could turn into a much costlier problem later.

The Woronicak Family

Other segments featured on this episode of We Owe What:

Meet the Woronicak Family
Meet the Woronicak Family
The Woronicak family of five is constantly juggling diapers in one hand and full-time careers in the other. But it's what they're putting off that could throw their financial future off track.
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Mary's Pet Peeve
Marys Pet Peeve
Mary has seen the Woronicak family in action -- and now she has a bone to pick with Kelly. Mary calls it her pet peeve and she says it has to stop!
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A Family Intervention
A Family Intervention
Before Mary leaves the Woronicak family, she recruits the help of some trustworthy family members to make sure her rules stay even when she goes -- the moment is very emotional.
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Web Exclusive: Kelly's Red Curtains
Web Exclusive: Kellys Red Curtains
Kelly really can't resist a bargain but how does her husband feel about her latest purchase?
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