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Mary Versus Lavish Lifestyle

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It's time for a reality check as Mary lays down new money rules for Tammy and Ed. But are they really ready to give up their lavish lifestyle?

Tammy and Ed hit the jackpot when it comes to love. But their current lifestyle has them gambling with their future. They need a reality check, and Mary is there to give it, revealing the biggest dream buster of all.

But Mary believes they can still have their Hollywood ending -- it's just going to take planning. By spending on the trappings of fame (like the tour bus), the Carolus' are putting the cart before the horse. They need to reign that spending in and plan for what's really important, like having more time together.

Mary tells Tammy and Ed that she wants them to write money love letters to each other so Ed understands why Tammy wants to spend and Tammy understands why Ed wants to save.

The Carolus Family: Big Spenders on Small Budget

Other segments featured on this episode of We Owe What:

Meet the Carolus Family
Meet the Carolus Family
Tammy and Ed Carolus are living on a Hollywood budget. With three children destined for fame, Tammy is burning through cash. But will that leave their bank account in ashes?
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Rules Take Center Stage
Rules Take Center Stage
In the hopes of propelling her kids to fame, Tammy bought an elaborate and expensive tour bus. Mary thinks she should sell it. But will Tammy be on board?
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Mary Changes Carolus Money Mentality
Mary Changes Carolus Money Mentality
A lot of progress has been made. But one rule brings Tammy close to tears.
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Web Exclusive: Tammy's Love Letter
Web Exclusive: Tammys Love Letter
Tammy -- who wants to spend -- reads her money love letter to Ed.
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Web Exclusive: Ed's Man Cave
Web Exclusive: Eds Man Cave
Mary shows Ed that one man's junk is another man's treasure.
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Web Exclusive: Ed Takes a Nap
Web Exclusive: Ed Takes a Nap
Hard working Ed always finds time for a nap.
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