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Mary Checks in on Elana

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Mary Checks in on Elana

Mary is back in Philadelphia to catch up with a young woman whose party-girl lifestyle and extravagant spending habits have made it difficult for her to launch from the comfortable confines of her parents' home. What surprises will Mary have in store for Elana this time?

When Mary first met Elana, the 29-year-old budding business professional was conflicted by a deep desire to leave her parents' nest while still maintaining the life of luxury that she desires. During Mary's initial visit, she delivered a set of rules that proved to be a difficult task for this fashion-forward diva. Mary challenged Elana to put her wallet on house arrest for a whole week, while also finding a balance among her family's finances. With Elana and her parents on board, Mary helped snip away their bad spending habits of the past. With a new set of rules in hand, Mary is ready for Elana to stop talking the talk, and start walking the walk.
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