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A New Identity

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Erika and her girls live a high-style, high-energy life and Mary wants to bring their finances up to speed. But can the Johnson family keep pace?

Mary helps Erika embrace her new identity -- emotionally and monetarily -- and she helps Erika face the financial facts. She is not in a good place when it comes to money. But Mary really believes Erika's entrepreneurial spirit can turn things around. The question is if Erika is ready to accept her new reality.

The Johnson Family: Shopping Habit

Other segments featured on this episode of We Owe What:

Meet the Johnson Family
Meet the Johnson Family
The Johnson ladies know how to make a serious dent in their wallets, and closets! Erika has turned to shopping for stress relief while coping with her divorce. But will her stress reliever turn into a stress inducer?
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Say Good Bye to Emotional Spending
Say Good Bye to Emotional Spending
Erika usually associates buying clothes with happiness. Can Mary change her mentality before the clothes own her?
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Mary's Rhythmic Surprise
Marys Rhythmic Surprise
Mary shows the Johnson family how to give a little to get a little -- and Elyse and Brianna get a surprise that really has them moving.
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Web Exclusive: Tough Choice for the Johnson Girls
Web Exclusive: Tough Choice for the Johnson Girls
The girls help Ericka make an important decision for one of Mary's rules.
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Web Exclusive: Closet Makeover
Web Exclusive: Closet Makeover
Mary shows the Johnson girls how to rejuvenate their old wardrobe.
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