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The Russo Family
The Russo Family
The Russo family had it all but changes in their jobs and the economy left their bank account singing the blues. With their sons' band constantly upstaging their finances, Cindy and John are left with bills that are off pitch. Can Mary help the Russo family tune into their money woes?
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The Anderson Family
The Anderson Family
On this episode of We Owe What? Mary travels to Conroe Texas where she meets a family whose opposing money mindsets have led to a constant battle. With Anne and David standing their ground it's time to wave the white flag before someone gets hurt.
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The Jarrett Family
The Jarrett Family
After meeting each other and falling in love, BJ and Dana Jarrett raised their son Devon for nearly two decades. As new empty nesters, their retirement dreams were within arms reach until everything screeched to a halt. One year ago the Jarrett's nieces and nephew moved in indefinitely, and the acquisition has stressed their emotions and finances to the limit. Will Mary be the answer to their mounting costs?
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We Owe What Video

We Owe What?

The Host
Mary Caraccioli, MBA, is an EMMY award winning financial journalist who is the host of the national money reality show We Owe What?

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