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Vacation Rentals in Thousand Islands, New York

Rene Syler is headed to the gorgeous Thousand Islands in New York to help Doug and Barb Humes find the perfect vacation rental home for a large family reunion. With a budget of $11,000 to $13,000 for the week, these travel enthusiasts hope to find a space the whole Humes clan can enjoy.
Thousand Islands is a magical gathering of islands both small and large. This scenic space features endless shorelines, stunning natural beauty, abundant outdoor activity and a rich and unique culture. The island straddles two countries, bordering northern New York and southeastern Ontario. It also consists of more than 1,800 islands that span 50 miles at the southern end of the St. Lawrence River.

The islands are a sightseers dream. Once known as the Venice of the new world, millionaires from the industrial revolution would flock to the area and build beautiful waterfront mansions for summer vacations. Now the area is a laid back tourist destination, painted with glamorous manors and breathtaking castles!

In the heart of the Thousand Islands lies the village of Alexandria Bay -- a space that houses beautiful riverfront properties. Nearby, visitors can also find Boldt Castle, a 120 room mansion built in the early 1900's. They can also find Singer Castle and Millionaires Row -- a collection of mansions and estates built in the 19th and 20th centuries.

For history lovers Doug and Barb, this is the perfect location for a week-long family reunion.

"We are not the kind to just sit at the pool and chill out," Barb expressed. "We like to go on adventures! We have stayed in a castle, we have stayed in a lighthouse, we like to try new things and go to new places."

Doug added, "We ended up choosing the Thousand Islands [because] we have never been here, [and] none of our family has been here."

The Humes family has appointed Doug and Barb to find the perfect retreat, that's big enough to house 20 or more relatives!

The perfect Sweet Retreat would have the following criteria:

  • Sleeps at least 20
  • Multiple entertainment rooms
  • On the water
  • Outdoor space with a great view
With a budget of $550 to $650 per person, totaling $11,000 to $13,000 for the week, the Humes are eager to see what Rene has up her sleeve.

River Royalty and The Spectacular: Located on the mainland of Alexandria Bay are sister properties, River Royalty and The Spectacular. As the "big sister," River Royalty sits at 4,000 square feet and has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and can sleep up to 15 people. But for Doug and Barb, River Royalty alone won't be able to accommodate their large family. That's where The Spectacular comes into play. With three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, this property can sleep up to eight people. And if the Humes were to rent both properties, they would be able to sleep 23 people. The prices are right on point, with River Royalty costing $4,200 for the week, and The Spectacular at $3,700, Doug and Barb would be way under budget at $7,900 for the whole trip. Will they go with the package deal? Or would they prefer to have the whole clan under one roof.

For more information:
River Royalty
The Spectacular

Casa Blanca on Cherry Island: This historic mansion dates all the way back to 1896. With undeniable charm and incredibly well-preserved decor, this property is comparable to a living museum. At 13 bedrooms, eight bathrooms and a whopping 10,000 square feet, this behemoth of a rental sleeps up to 28 people. With more than enough space to accommodate the Humes family, the only element that may hold them back is the large price tag. At $15,000 for the week, this property is $2,000 over budget. Will Doug and Barb splurge for this once in a lifetime opportunity? Or will this property break the bank.

For more information:
Casa Blanca on Cherry Island

For more information on the Thousand Islands visit visit1000islands.com.

Segment 1
River Royalty and The Spectacular for Rent in the Thousand Islands, New York
River Royal, Spectacular for Rent in Thousand Islands, New York
Rene Syler is in the Thousand Islands, New York, showing Doug and Barb everything from waterfront mansions to private islands. But will this couple find a house that fits the size of their party and budget? The first property the couple tours is located in Alexandria Bay.
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Segment 2
Casa Blanca for Rent on Cherry Island, New York
Casa Blanca for Rent on Cherry Island, New York
Rene Syler is exploring the Thousand Islands, where Barb and Doug are looking for a house to rent for a week-long, large family reunion. So far they have seen sister properties that sit on the water in the village of Alexandria Bay. The next vacation rental home is on its own island.
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Segment 3
Boat Tour of Cherry Island, New York
Boat Tour of Cherry Island, New York
Doug and Barb are in the Thousand Islands in search of the perfect house for a big family reunion. So far they have seen two beautiful sister properties on Alexandria Bay, as well as an incredible mansion on Cherry Island. Now, the couple is getting a tour of Cherry Island by boat.
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Photo Gallery
Photos: Rental Properties in Thousand Islands, New York
Check out three vacation rental properties in Thousand Islands, New York.
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