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Vacation Rentals in Portland, Maine

Rene Syler is off to the trendy and nautical city of Portland, Maine, where Andrea and Pablo are hoping to score a vacation rental that promotes fun and relaxation. With a budget of $3,000 for a week-long stay, they hope Rene can rise to the challenge.
Portland is a cool, hip little city that sits on the classic coast of Maine! It features gorgeous landscapes, lovely lighthouses, distinctive architecture, world-class dining, and a lively art scene.

Portland is Maine's largest city, and is located about 100 miles north of Boston, on a peninsula in Casco Bay. Whether visitors are nature lovers, history buffs, foodies, or fishermen, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Not to mention, the city has amazing coasts and surrounding islands that are truly entrancing. Tourists can stroll the cobblestone streets of the classic and historic Old Port, or visit the Art's District -- which is populated with an array of art galleries and the Portland Museum of Art.

But Portland has really found its footing with food! In fact, the city was recently named 'Foodiest Small Town in America.' The farm-to-table scene has flourished with chefs from all walks of life taking great pride in sourcing their food locally and organically.

It's the perfect place for New York health coaches, Andrea and Pablo, to vacation for a week-long getaway.

"We are big foodies; we are very conscious about the food that we eat and where it comes from," Andrea explained. "And Portland is such a mecca of farm-to-table restaurants."

For these health enthusiasts, the perfect Sweet Retreat has the following criteria:

  • Kitchen for two chefs
  • Amazing outdoor space
  • Close to dining scene
With a budget of $3,000 for the week, they are eager to see what properties Rene has up her sleeve.

The Carriage House for Rent: In the West End neighborhood of Portland, sits the updated antique Carriage House. Dating back to the 1870's, the owners of this revamped gem have turned outdated into a modern and cozy retreat that is inundated with renters. With two-bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, and 1,500 square feet, this rental property has a large layout with a kitchen that has all the amenities. There are many upgrades in the home, including the steps leading upstairs which cost $40,000! With a price tag of $2,330 for the week, this pair is pumped! But with a hotel vibe on the ground level and a cozy cottage feel up top, will Andrea and Pablo dig the dichotomy? For more information on this property visit homeaway.com.

Cape Elizabeth Cottage for Rent: This three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom property encapsulates all that Portland represents -- beautiful sweeping views, an open and inviting floor plan, and of course, a kitchen made for a king and queen! At 2,500 square feet, this property is the perfect marriage between contemporary and traditional styles. It has everything Andrea and Pablo could want! But will the $3,000 a week price mess their budget up royally? For more information on this property visit homeaway.com.

Sandy Cove Cottage for Rent: Located in the northern suburb of Falmouth, Maine, the Sandy Cove Cottage is constantly surrounded by sailboats drifting in and out of plain sight. With three-bedrooms, two-bathrooms, and 2,200 square feet, this property makes the pair never want to leave. And with an amazing deck, and an even better price of $2.300 for the week, Andrea and Pablo are thrilled! But when they see the galley-style small kitchen, will they slam the breaks on this lot? For more information on this property visit fishhouserealty.com.

For more information on Portland visit visitportland.com.

Segment 1
The Carriage House for Rent in Portland, Maine
The Carriage House for Rent in Portland, Maine
Rene Syler is headed to the land of the lobster -- Portland, Maine! The hip city has everything from modern rentals to rustic retreats. And, Andrea and Pablo hope to find the perfect getaway for their week-long retreat.
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Segment 2
Cape Elizabeth Cottage for Rent in Portland, Maine
Cape Elizabeth Cottage for Rent in Portland, Maine
Andrea and Pablo are searching for a week-long relaxing vacation in Portland, Maine. So far they have seen a three-bedroom historic house with a modern interior and walking distance from downtown. Now, they are headed to the coast!
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Segment 3
Sandy Cove Cottage for Rent in  Portland, Maine
Sandy Cove Cottage for Rent in Portland, Maine
Pablo and Andrea are looking for the perfect property for their week-long getaway in Portland, Maine. So far, they have seen a modern carriage house and a cottage that sits right on the water. The last property that they are headed to is slightly north of downtown.
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Photo Gallery
Photos: Rental Properties in Portland, Maine
Check out three vacation rental properties in Portland, Maine.
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