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Vacation Rentals in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Rene Syler is off to the quaint town of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to help college sweethearts Megan and Andrew escape the busy streets of New York City and step back in time for a long weekend getaway. She shows them three vacation rental properties.
Lancaster County is also known as Pennsylvania Dutch country. This picturesque region is marked by rolling green hills and some of the nation's longest standing towns and villages. It's also home to the country's oldest Amish settlement, where thousands of people follow century-old traditions. In fact, it's not at all uncommon to see the roads shared by cars and horse and buggies!

Lancaster County is located in South Central Pennsylvania, about 60 miles west of Philadelphia and is made up of close to 40 cities, towns and boroughs.

The county centers on a slower pace of life, and a nostalgia for simpler times. Visitors enjoy that mentality when stopping by attractions such as Dutch Wonderland or the famous Strasburg Railroad -- a preserved train and track from 1832.

In addition, there are all kinds of cool and unique towns to explore. The area is filled with art galleries, antique shops, and farmer's markets.

It's the perfect location for college sweethearts Megan and Andrew to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City and experience a slower pace of life.

"Megan and I chose Lancaster County as a private getaway particularly because it's a place that's only an hour and a half from where we grew up, right outside of Philadelphia, and it's definitely on the complete opposite end of the spectrum for what we are used to on some of our recent vacations," Andrew said.

The perfect Sweet Retreat would have the following criteria:

  • Great living area
  • Nice master suite
  • Relaxing outdoor space
  • Close to restaurants and nightlife
With a budget of $200 to $300 per night, the couple is eager to see what properties Rene has in store. On tap are two properties in the charming town of Terre Hill and one rental in the Antique Capital of the country, Adamstown.

Artist's Inn: This federal style home was built in the mid 19th century, and has since been converted into one of the top Bed and Breakfasts around! Filled with art and pictures, this cozy space has three available suites to rent, with the master being 300 square feet. For Megan and Andrew, the master is their room of choice for its size, intriguing layout, and private deck. And with a price tag of $209 a night, which includes a home cooked breakfast every morning, the cost is right in line with their budget! But will the couple feel too cramped with the communal spaces? For more information on this property visit artistinn.com.

Romantic Stone Cottage: This two-bedroom, one-bathroom property is 1,400 square feet and filled with character and charm! Built in the 1940's, the rental has a French country feel with whimsical décor. The serene and spacious master bedroom is a big hit with Megan and Andrew! The pair also adores the backyard space and relaxing feel of Terre Hill. But with a price of $250 a night, will the pair be deterred? For more information on this property visit artistinn.com.

Firefly Cottage: This two-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,700 square foot rental is the largest space so far! Located in Adamstown, the antique's capital of the country, the property is near to 3,500 antique dealers! Not to mention there are two major breweries just around the corner. The house dates back to 1716 and still encompasses the old-fashioned charm from its conception. With an inviting outdoor garden and an even more attractive price at $209 per night, there's a lot to like about this space. But will it be the perfect fit for Megan and Andrew? For more information on this property visit adamstown.com.

For more information on Lancaster County visit padutchcountry.com.

Segment 1
The Artists Inn for Rent in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
The Artist's Inn for Rent in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Megan and Andrew are in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to find a relaxing retreat. The pair will tour three picturesque properties. The first property Rene shows them is a renowned bed and breakfast! Will the space be too country for these city dwellers? Or will they feel right at home.
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Segment 2
Romantic Stone Cottage for Rent in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Romantic Stone Cottage for Rent in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Megan and Andrew are looking for a place to stay in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, for a long-weekend getaway. So far they have seen a bed and breakfast in the tiny town of Terre Hill. The next property they tour is a romantic retreat located in the same neighborhood!
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Segment 3
Firefly Cottage for Rent in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Firefly Cottage for Rent in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
College sweethearts Andrew and Megan are hoping to find a retreat for a laidback long-weekend in Lancaster County. So far they have toured two properties in the small town of Terre Hill. Now they are headed to Adamstown to check out the last property.
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Rental Properties in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Check out three vacation rental properties in Lancaster County.
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