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Vacation Rentals in Annapolis, Maryland

Rene Syler heads to the sailing capitol of the world -- Annapolis, Maryland -- where she helps Marzena and Dallas Kerley find the perfect vacation rental. Will they choose a waterfront abode, a quaint cottage, or a historic gem?
Annapolis is Maryland's capitol city and America's sailing capitol! It is about 30 miles south of Baltimore and 30 miles east of Washington DC on the Severn River. Surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay, four rivers and 400 miles of shoreline, it's easy to see why this is a water lover's paradise. From the boats to the beaches to the bountiful amounts of delicious crabs, there's no shortage of things to do or to eat! The city is also full of history, housing more 18th century buildings than anywhere else in the country.

For Dallas and Marzena Kerley, there's no place they would rather be! The Kerley's are no strangers to the charms of Annapolis; in fact, it's their go-to getaway of choice! When they want a break from the daily grind and the kids, they hop in the car and escape to the shores of Annapolis. They are looking for a vacation rental home that will be perfect for an adults-only week-long retreat. Their budget is $3,500.

"Marzena and I have been going to Annapolis for about eight years. Our friends moved there and we really fell in love with the place. Usually when we go to Annapolis we only spend a day or two but I think this time we'd like to spend a little bit more time so hopefully in a week we will get to see more of the sights in more detail," said Dallas.

"Our kids will be away for a week at camp so we will have all that time for ourselves and I think that will be a great time for us to get away," said Marzena.

For Dallas and Marzena's perfect 'sweet retreat' they are looking for the following:

  • Two bedrooms
  • Close to downtown and historic district
  • On or near the water
  • Ample area for entertaining
  • Great outdoor space

Rene Syler is eager to find a property that fits the bill. She shows them three properties with completely different personalities.

Renovated Gothic Church - This two-bedroom home was recently renovated into a four-level residential loft but the former Gothic Revival Church still retains a lot of its original character with the stained glass windows, exposed brick and bell tower. The home is located in the heart of the Historic District. It rents for $2,500 for a week. For more information on this property visit vrbo.com.

Waterfront Oasis - This four-bedroom waterfront oasis sits directly on Weems Creek and is nestled on two acres of wonderful gardens and large trees. It's located about 15 minutes from town. With four bedrooms and 3,600 square feet, the open layout encourages get-togethers with friends. But this home is at the top of their budget with a price of $3,500 a week. For more information on this property visit vrbo.com.

Downtown Bungalow - This renovated three-bedroom bungalow is located in a quaint neighborhood that's near shops, restaurants and it is only three blocks from the water. The beautiful backyard is perfect for entertaining. It rents for $2,200 per week. For more information on this property visit homeaway.com.

For more information on tourism in Annapolis visit visitannapolis.org.

Segment 1
Renovated Church for Rent in Annapolis, Maryland
Renovated Church for Rent in Annapolis, Maryland
Dallas and Marzena Kerley are off to Annapolis, Maryland, for a week-long retreat without the kids. Rene Syler shows them a property that has a lot of historical character and is in a great location.
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Segment 2
Waterfront Oasis  for Rent in Annapolis, Maryland
Waterfront Oasis for Rent in Annapolis, Maryland
Dallas and Marzena Kerley are exploring all that Annapolis, Maryland, has to offer while they search for the perfect week-long retreat! Rene Syler shows them a waterfront oasis that sits at the top of their price range but also tops their specifications.
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Segment 3
Downtown Bungalow for Rent in Annapolis, Maryland
Downtown Bungalow for Rent in Annapolis, Maryland
Marzena and Dallas Kerley are looking for a week-long retreat for a kids-free getaway in Annapolis, Maryland. They have toured two very different vacation rental properties. Rene Syler shows them their last option -- a bungalow located in the downtown area.
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Photo Gallery
Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Rental Properties in Annapolis, Maryland
Check out three vacation rental properties in Annapolis, Maryland.
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