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Moroccan Suite for Rent in Boston, Massachusetts

Michelle and Mike are in Boston searching for the perfect vacation rental. Rene shows them a home in Charlestown, the oldest neighborhood in Boston!

Boston, Massachusetts is a place where the past, present, and future combine into one beautiful city! As the state capitol, this historic and charming space has been named one of the top ten tourist destinations in the country.

Visitors can soak in the colonial feel by walking down the famed freedom trail, which extends for 2.5 miles showcasing 16 historic sites along the way. Bunker Hill, Paul Revere's House, and the USS Constitution and Charleston Navy Yard are amongst the landmarks to see!

Located on the eastern edge of Massachusetts, Boston is filled with distinct neighborhoods. Visitors can dine at world-class restaurants in downtown Boston, pick up a pastry at the Italian inspired North End, shop at chic stores on Newbury street, or head to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park!

For Kentucky farm owners Michelle and Mike Fink, Boston is the perfect retreat to reconnect as a couple and experience all the city has to offer.

"I think what we are looking for in a house, is something that's a little bit unique, different -- something that we don't have in or around Kentucky," said Michelle

The perfect Sweet Retreat would have the following criteria:

  • One-of-a-kind space
  • Great master suite
  • Accessible to Boston attractions by foot or by rail
  • Outdoor space with a great view
With a budget of $1,500 to $2,000 for the week, the Finks hope that Rene will find what they are looking for!

Rene shows the pair three unique properties in three different areas. So far, they have seen a contemporary and innovative architect's loft in Boston's South End.

Next, Rene shows them a suite that decorated in a Moroccan theme. This exotic escape is right in the heart of Boston in the charming town of Charlestown.

The one-bedroom, one-bathroom home is 800 square foot. With historic landmarks at every corner, the Finks love this space inside and out! And the marriage between history and Morocco comes with a $1,600 price tag for the week.

But will the 30-minute drive from downtown Boston deter Michelle and Mike from saying yes to this foreign fortress?

For more information on this property visit homeaway.com.

For more information on Boston visit www.cityofboston.gov.

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