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Lily Lake Retreat for Rent in Cape May, New Jersey

Kevin and Julie Davis are in Cape May searching for a romantic retreat that they could also share with family and friends. So far they've seen a four-bedroom property located in the heart of Victorian Cape May. Up next is a property with a breathtaking lake view.

The historic town of Cape May, New Jersey, is filled with beautiful Victorian homes, beachfront properties, and shops galore! For Kevin and Julie Davis, this is the ideal location for a week-long retreat filled with romance, family and friends.

As America's oldest seaside resort, it's the only city in the country to be recognized as a national historic landmark. With the Atlantic Ocean on the East and the Delaware Bay on the West, it's also the southernmost city in New Jersey.

Spanning just 2.8 miles, this small town packs in large landmarks -- one of which being the United States Coast Guard Training Center.

But Cape May is best known for the three B's -- beautiful Bed and Breakfasts, world class bird watching, and top ranked beaches! It's the perfect place for Kevin and Julie to take a break from their hectic lives, so they can rest and reconnect.

"I'm usually the one planning the vacations. Since, of course, Kevin has no time, I kind of just tell him, 'OK, these are our dates, this is when we're leaving -- here we go!'" said Julie.

The perfect 'sweet retreat' would have the following criteria:

  • Four bedrooms
  • Walking distance to town
  • Close to the beach
  • Pet friendly
With a budget of $3,000 to $4,000 for the week, they are hoping to check off all their specks.

Rene shows the pair a four-bedroom, two-bathroom lakefront property that's 2,400 square feet and sleeps up to eight people.

Located at Cape May point, it's about three miles from Washington Street Pedestrian Mall and four blocks away from the ocean. With an open floor plan inside, and an unobstructed view of the lake outside, the house has an inviting feel!

For Julie and Kevin, the under budget price tag of $2,500 and the approval of pets for an additional fee, are the most exciting qualities. But will the conveniences of the property outweigh its distance from town?

For more information on this property visit homeaway.com.

For more information on Cape May visit capemay.com.

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