Complete Episode: Taos (LWSR0814)

Rene Syler is heading to the stunning, spiritual town of Taos, New Mexico, where Rene will show Beca and Matt Mark three unique properties for their group getaway. With a total budget of $2,500 to split between three couples, they can't wait to get their week-long stay started.

Taos, New Mexico, otherwise known as the 'Soul of the Southwest.' The city exudes breathtaking landscapes, spiritual energy and a thriving cultural scene.

Taos is located in the north central region of New Mexico, and spans a mere five square miles! It also neighbors Santa Fe and the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range, which are about an hour and a half north.

For a small town of 5,000 inhabitants, there is a lot to do! Visitors can check out the historic 300-year-old Taos plaza or the Toas Pueblo, an ancient civilization that dates back more than 1,000 years.

The art scene can't be missed either! At the turn of the nineteenth century, Taos was an art colony, which then paved the way to the hippie and spiritual communes of 1960's -- many of which still exist today!

And don't forget the outdoor options! Visitors can ski the mountains, plunge down the Rio Grande Gorge, or even hike with a lama!

It's the perfect spot for Matt, Beca, and four of their closest friends looking to get away for a week-long vacation.

As the elected search committee, Matt and Beca hope to find a home that truly encompasses the feeling of Taos.

"We want a rental property that we can really experience all that Taos has to offer," Matt explained.

Matt and Beca's perfect Sweet Retreat has the following criteria:

  • Three private and comfortable bedrooms
  • Ample common space
  • Great kitchen
  • Amazing outdoor space
With a budget of $2,500 for the week to split between three couples, they are ready to see what properties Rene has up her sleeve.

El Gallo Grande for Rent: Located near the Taos Plaza and the Rio Grande Gorge is El Gallo Grande. This three bedroom, two bathroom, 1,400 square foot rental is a traditional pueblo style adobe home. At more than a century old, the decor is a mixture of tribal and contemporary. Although this property is authentic, it lacks size and height -- especially for Matt who is 6'7'! With little privacy, but a lot of personality, will the Marks choose this rental that goes for $2,100 for the week? Or will they long for a better fit? For more information on this property visit

Casa Frances for Rent: This rental is three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 2,200 square feet. Its modern flare makes this traditional adobe style farmhouse, and incorporates French and Spanish influences seamlessly. With a beautiful and large patio, a spacious master bedroom, and an open living space, there's a lot to love! But with one bedroom consisting of twin beds and a high price tag of $2,520 for the week, the Marks are torn! For more information on this property visit

Adobe Zen House for Rent: The ethereal and breathtaking Adobe Zen House is located in the scenic mountains of Taos. This property is three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a whopping 4,600 square feet. The owner has flawlessly brought the outdoors inside through the countless windows, the open layout, and a custom atrium with a front row seat to the stars. If that wasn't enough, there's an additional 600 square feet for a game room! This property has met the mark for Beca and Matt, but will the $2,765 cost completely blow their budget and their final decision? For more information on this property visit

For more information on Taos visit

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