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Bluffs Beach House for Rent in Martha's Vineyard

Bethany and Jess are in Martha's Vineyard where they want to host a week-long bachelorette party with five of their friends. So far they have seen a charming six-bedroom Victorian cottage in the heart of downtown Oak Bluffs. Next, the girls head to Vineyard Haven, where they tour a house that leaves them at a loss for words.

Martha's Vineyard is Massachusetts' exclusive yet accessible island resort. Located just eight miles off the Cape Cod Peninsula, this luxurious land is nearby to its sister island, Nantucket.

'The Vineyard,' as the locals call it, is known for being a summer playground for celebrities and a hotspot for presidential vacations. Aside from the glitz and glamorous clientele, the island has remained a laidback space, filled with quaint New England villages that burst with charm and character.

And then there are the beaches! The island boasts some of the most beautiful and unique sandy spots in the world. Visitors can find places like Aquinnah Beach, which have picturesque cliffs that run along the shoreline.

Best friends Jess and Bethany are headed to the island for a girl's retreat with five of their closest friends.

"We are going to Martha's Vineyard to plan a week-long bachelorette getaway for Jess' bachelorette party," said Bethany.

For this pre-nuptial bash, the ladies are looking at a budget of $1,000 per person, totaling $7,000 for the week.

The perfect Sweet Retreat would have the following criteria:

  • Sleeps seven comfortably
  • Nice kitchen
  • Great outdoor space
  • Close to downtown and the beach
Rene is ready to show the ladies three properties on the east end of the island -- one in Oak Bluffs, one in Vineyard Haven, and the last one in Edgartown.

After checking out a cute Victorian house in Oak Bluffs, Rene shows them a four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom, 5,500 square foot gem in Vineyard Haven that leaves the ladies speechless! The house has a grand presence, with ceilings that are two stories high and a living room that looks off to the ocean.

Despite its breathtaking interior, the surprise outside is what really steals the show! With a private beach and a price tag of $7,000 for the week, the ladies are in love! But will the distance from town be a deterring factor?

For more information on this property visit pointbrealty.com.

For more information on Martha's Vineyard visit www.mvy.com.

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