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Warm Weather Home Fixes, Contractor Tips, Debt-Worthy or Save Up?, Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Terrine

Are you thinking about remodeling your home? Mike Holmes shares contractor secrets. Plus, Chef Voula makes a delicious meal perfect for outdoor entertaining. And, Rubina gives her two cents on which life events are debt-worthy.
Segment 1
Never ignore condensation or moisture in the basement. Condensation occurs when cool air comes in contact with a warm surface, or vice versa.
Mike Holmes' Warm Weather Fixes
Expert contractor Mike Holmes reveals some of the biggest mistakes he sees during the summer months and gives us all a little lesson on how to make it right.
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Segment 2
Mike Holmes Contractor Quiz
Mike Holmes Reveals Contractor Secrets
Contractor Mike Holmes stumped just about everyone in our audience with his true/false game about working with contractors. Think you know better? Take a look at the contractor secrets Mike revealed and see how much you learn.
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Segment 3
Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Terrine with Tomate Jaleo
Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Terrine with Tomate Jaleo
Chef Voula infused this chicken terrine with Mediterranean flavors.
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Segment 4
Chocolate Panforte
Chocolate Panforte
This version, made with chocolate, is one she makes often. While the list of ingredients is long, it's really easy to make. Basically, it's a chop, dump and go kind of sensation.
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Segment 5
Debt-Worthy or Save Up?
Debt-Worthy or Save Up?
No one wants to see their bank account drained, so our finance expert Rubina Ahmed-Haq is helping us understand when to go into debt for something, and when to save up for a privilege.
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