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Walls That Wow, Backyard Xylophone, All About Olives, Crazy Carnival Games, Qs Woman Need to Ask, Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse

Learn more about olives and get some recipes! Check out five fabulously fun carnival games sure to bring out the kid in you! And, Frank Di Leo has some tips for making your own oversized xylophone for your backyard. Plus, discover some wall art that can form elegant contemporary patterns.
Segment 1
Walls That Wow
Walls That Wow
WallArt Wall decor 3D panels are designed that when put together form elegant contemporary patterns. They are the new trend in wall coverings.
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Segment 2
Backyard Xylophone
Backyard Xylophone
Frank Di Leo discovered more than flowers at Canada Blooms. He walked away from Bienenstock's natural playground exhibit with a big idea for his own backyard: an oversized DIY xylophone!
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Segment 3
All About Olives
All About Olives
Love 'em or hate 'em there's plenty to learn about olives! Chef Jo Lusted explains.
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Segment 4
Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse
Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse
Try this tasty, sweet treat!
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Segment 5
Five Qs Every Woman* Needs to Ask
Five Qs Every Woman* Needs to Ask
According to our resident communication specialist, Mike Mandel, one of the keys to building a solid relationship is tapping into your partner's value system. Here are five revealing questions to help get the conversation rolling.
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Segment 6
Crazy Carnival Games
Crazy Carnival Games
Step right up and test your skills with five fabulously fun carnival games sure to bring out the kid in you!
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