Steven and Chris

Unusual Wreath Ideas

Steven's favorite DIY of this holiday season proved to be his many wreaths. With some ingenuity and imagination he created three fun and unique wreaths that are spectacular!

1. Pom Pom Wreath

With this wreath Steven bought a giant bag of pom poms that he then glued to a Styrofoam form. This is a super simple holiday wreath with a ton of personality.

Pom poms
Wire wreath frame
Glue gun


1. Glue your pom poms to the wire wreath frame

2. Build it up as much as you would like for a full look

3. Add a ribbon for hanging and voila, a super simple wreath with a ton of personality

2. Advent Calendar Wreath

Here Steven used a few cardboard postal tubes cut down to create a wreath with tiny round cubbies. These cubbies are the perfect place for chocolate boxes, numbered to help count down the days to Christmas!

Sono tube or Cardboard postal tube
Glue gun
Small cardboard boxes
Spray paint
Saw and miter box
Sand paper


1. Saw down your cardboard tubes to 3 and 4 inch lengths

2. Sand down any rough edges

3. Using any round object as a guide, begin gluing your cardboard tubes together (note: one side should be completely flush as it will be against your wall)

4. Once all your pieces are glued together, spray it one solid colour - Allow 24 hours to dry

5. Attach ribbon to the wreath for hanging and a decorative bow for some festive flair

6. Assemble 24 small chocolate boxes, insert chocolate, and seal with ribbon

7. Add gift tags to your chocolate boxes and number them 1 - 24

8. Add your boxes to your wreath, and count down the days to Christmas!

3. Toy Wreath

Anyone with kids can appreciate the number of toys some families have. Here Steven has used some discarded toys to make a fun wreath. Gluing all the small toys to a wooden frame proves to be a simple wreath with a ton of impact.

Old toys
Glue Gun
Spray paint
Wreath frame


1. Glue old children's toys to your wreath frame - layer the toys for a full look

2. Spray the entire wreath with a high gloss white paint (Optional)

3. Add a vinyl ribbon to the bottom of the wreath for a bit of added whimsy

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