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Twins Hair Makeover

Dee Dagher was back to tackle a twin hair makeover! Sally and Susan have had the same hair for decades, and since they've just had their 50th birthdays we wanted to give them a reason to celebrate!

1. Time Warp

Dilemma: Sally's bangs had her caught in an 80's time warp. She had fine hair which she was trying to mask with her layered bangs and choppy ends.

Solution: Bangs are still in style, but have changed over the years. Dee updated Sally's bangs by adding more hair to create the illusion of bulk. Cut and colour are the key to maximizing your hair volume - the colour swells the hair shaft, adding fullness to the hair while a blunt cut gets rid of scraggly ends and adds more volume to your overall look.


  • Blow dry your hair upside down focusing the air at the roots for the ultimate lift
  • If you have more time use a ceramic round brush. The heat from the dryer will turn the brush into a hot tool!
2. Long and Languid

Dilemma: Susan had done everything from shaving her hair to a short pixie and had been wearing long hair for years - this wasn't doing anything for her fine features!

Solution: Susan had an ideally shaped oblong face, so Dee added lots of layers and a side fringe to really add angles and dimension to her fine features. Susan had beautiful green eyes so Dee enriched her colour to dark blonde to really make her eyes pop!


  • Avoid shampooing your hair daily. Use warm water and conditioner on non-shampoo days. Dry shampoo is also great in a pinch!
  • To maintain your colour use a colour treated shampoo to enrich the colour everytime you wash.

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