Steven and Chris

Travel Apps That Make Your Life Easier

Don't leave for your destination without downloading these apps first! Our web wonder woman, Jamey Ordolis is here to tell us about her new favourite travel apps.


Entrain helps you overcome jetlag faster and better. The app makes simulated light reccomendations based on your normal sleeping habits and timezones to help your body get accustomed to the new time.

Travel Safe

You don't have to travel far to use Travel Safe. After a one-time set up, this app autodetects your location and quickly provides you with access to relevant emergency contacts right when you need it most.


TripCase is an intelligent app that will guide you throughout your trip. The only work required by you is to add all your trip details, then the app takes care of your trip itinerary.


This app is free to download and can actually save you money. Using a WiFi source or 3G network, you can call, text, or video message anyone with Viber in the world for free. The message stickers from this app are cute and take texting to another level.


The Hyperlapse app was made by Instagram and it allows you to create time lapse videos in motion. It stabilizes video so you can shoot from a car, plane, or by foot and create really cool videos to share with friends and family. See for yourself in this clip we made.

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