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Tommy Smythe's Cozy Reading Nook and Favorite Reading Chairs, How to Properly Store Herbs, Dish Do-Over: Macaroni 'N Cheese, Doggy Adoption Prep

Tommy Smythe creates a bookworm's paradise and Chef Jo's giving mac and cheese a healthy makeover. Plus, meet some cuddly canines that need a good home.
Segment 1
Tommy Smythes Favorite Reading Chairs
Tommy Smythe's Favorite Reading Chairs
Whether you're hooked on an e-reader or prefer to cozy up to a good old-fashion book, a comfortable reading chair is a must! Here's a look at a few of designer Tommy Smythe's favorite reading chairs.
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Segment 2
Tommy Smythes Cozy Reading Nook
Tommy Smythe's Cozy Reading Nook
Designer Tommy Smythe shows us how to create a stylish and cozy reading nook using the timeless "go-to" linen lounging chair.
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Segment 3
Dish Do-Over: Macaroni N Cheese
Dish Do-Over: Macaroni 'N Cheese
Macaroni and cheese makes a great weeknight meal the whole family can enjoy. While the original uses full fat cheese, cream and white pasta, Chef Jo Lusted's super tasty Dish Do-Over version makes a few alterations to cut the calories.
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Segment 4
Doggy Adoption Prep
Doggy Adoption Prep
Resident vet Julia says adopting a pet from the Humane Society is a great idea, when you take these tips into account.
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Segment 5
Parenting Panel
Parenting Panel
Steven and Chris' parenting panel is in the house, ready to weigh in on some hot topics of the day.
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Segment 6
How to Properly Store Herbs
How to Properly Store Herbs
Check out a few of Steven and Chris' favorite fresh herbs to have on hand, and tips on how to store them.
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