Steven and Chris

Three Clever Uses for Rubber Bands

The answer to staying safe in the kitchen, a great kid's lunch, and a clean paint can are all found in the humble rubber band. Find out how with some easy tips to make the most of these flexible helpers.

Cutting board safety

Put a rubber band on either side of a cutting board to avoid accidents. The rubber bands act as grips to keep the board from moving and will keep you safe.

Cool Kids' Lunches

This is a great one for the kids'! Slice up an apple and use a rubber band to keep it together until you're ready to eat. This saves your kids from using a knife, keeps the apple from browning and makes the apple easy to eat.

Clean Cans

Put a rubber band around a can of paint to wipe off excess paint from your brush. This keeps your brush in fine form, and the edges of your paint can clean.

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