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The Whole-Body Workout that's Taking Hollywood By Storm

Fitness guru Sebastian Legree shows off his newest exercise machine - the megaformer. Legree's megaformer workouts are a hit in Hollywood because they provide an all-in-one workout experience that does strength, cardio, balance and flexibility at the same time.

"This is what Batman does in his off time when he works out," says Sebastian.

The best part of the megaformer is it's versatility, says Sebastian.

"You can get your strength, your endurance, your cardio, your balance, your flexibility, not just in one session, but in each move," says Sebastian.

The megaformer allows you to do a variety of exercises that work many different muscle groups as much. For example, the triceps press works both your arms and core together. The machine also adjusts to take pressure off of the joints.

Megaformer classes are all the rage in Hollywood because of the range of exercises you can do on the machine and how fun they are to use. Sebastian says he's constantly updating the machines to make them safer, easier to use and more fun.

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