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Slowing Down with Author Carl Honore

Carl Honore is an award-winning writer and speaker who's been hailed "an in demand spokesman on slowness." He believes we should all put on the brakes to enjoy our lives more thoroughly.

Slow Down, Live Better: Seven tips by Carl Honore

1. Breathe: Slow, deep breathing re-oxygenates the body, which slows our heartbeat and stabilizes blood pressure. When you feel panicky, stop for a moment and take a few deep breaths.

2. Speed Audit: Stop and ask yourself if you're doing whatever you're doing too fast. If you are going faster than you need to when you do the audit, go back to the task more slowly.

3. Downsize your Calendar: Look at your schedule for next week, pick the least important activity and drop it. This will take some of the heat out of that particular day.

4. Schedule Unscheduled Time: Block off two hours in your week when you don't plan anything in advance. This will guarantee you some time when you can slow down to your own rhythm.

5. Set Aside More In-Between Time: We tend to schedule our events so tightly that we end up running from one thing to the next. So if you normally schedule 10 minutes to get from one activity to another, schedule 15 minutes instead.

6. Unplug: Pick a moment every day when you turn off all your gadgets for 30 minutes. It might be the first half hour after you get up, or the moment you return home from work.

7. Find a Slow Ritual: Find a slow ritual that acts as your personal brake and help you shift into a lower gear. It might be gardening, reading, yoga, cooking, knitting, painting, whatever.

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