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Seven Sexy Resolutions

Sexologist Robin Milhausen shows us how to start the new year off right with seven sexy resolutions you'll actually want to stick with!

1. Explore uncharted territory.
As sexual beings, we tend to figure out what works, then do that endlessly without trying new things. Give yourself permission to spice things up.

2. Share something new with your partner.
Commit to introducing something new to your sexual partner or to revealing something about yourself that they don't know. Intimacy and connection grow through sharing. You never know what you might learn in return.

3. Invest in your sexual self.
Be that with massage, sex toys, lingerie or self-love. You are worth it. Your sexuality is intimately related to your mental, emotional and physical health. An investment of time, effort and energy in you will pay off in terms of your well-being and relationship.

4. Slow things down.
It's not all about the end result. Take time to enjoy the journey: the little touches along the way, sensations, tastes and smells. In this day and age, we are so focused on to-do lists, performance, achievement, etc. that we end up taking the magic out of sex.

5. Be the initiator.
Don't always wait for your partner to initiate sex; they'll feel more desirable, while you'll feel more empowered.

6. Do your Kegels!
Clenching and unclenching the PC (pubococcygeus) muscles can reduce bladder incontinence and increase sexual pleasure. It's important for both men and women. Start by squeezing for three to five seconds, then resting for five seconds. Repeat five times to begin and work your way up from there.

7. Learn to love yourself naked.
There's nothing sexier than confidence, so it's time to stop sweating your thunder thighs and focus on your sexiest bits.

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