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Pink Up Your Space

Pink is sophisticated and sleek and can seamlessly integrate into any area of your home. It's the perfect 'dramatic neutral' and when used correctly, packs a lot of edge. Designer Christine Dovey loves to work with pink and tells us her top three tips to pink up your space!

Start Small and Go Bolder

If you are skeptical about going overboard on pink you can begin by adding small touches. Try adding pink flowers, pillows, art, book,s etc. You can change the feel of a space easily and inexpensively by changing up your accessories.

Add Complementary Colors

Colours that play really nicely with pink are black, gold, and white. Try using these complementary colours when designing a pink-friendly interior!

Don't Forget About Materials

Materials that work well with pink are lucite, gold, and lacquer. Try adding a brass console table or a gold bowl for that luxurious touch.

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