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Pasta Sauce and 'Noodles,' Favorite Protein Bars, Middle Eastern Salad, Repurpose Accessories, Masculine Kitchen, Feng Shui, $50 Fixes, Overeaters, In the Kit

Genny Iannucci shows us fashion fixes for less than $50. And, the doctor's in the house with her weight-loss prescription and we have must-haves for your make-up kit. Plus, Dr. Ali shares her recipe for pasta sauce and noodles, protein bars and Middle Eastern salad.
Segment 1
Get the Look: Masculine Kitchen
Get the Look: Masculine Kitchen
This kitchen is inspired by men's suiting and contemporary finishes. It's a fine balance of light and dark blue with a hint of luxury that's rounded out with some industrial elements.
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Segment 2
Increase Your Feng Shui with Edible Plants
Increase Your Feng Shui with Edible Plants
Laura Morris sheds some light on how house plants can influence the feng shui in our homes and boost our yang.
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Segment 3
In the Kit
In the Kit
Everyone wants to know what the pros are using, so we invited professional makeup artist Marcia Garnes to show us which products make the cut into her kit.
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Segment 4
Three Types of Overeaters
Three Types of Overeaters
Dr. Ali Zentner's new book is called The Weight-Loss Prescription. It's a fascinating read filled with inspirational stories from her own life, and also her life as a physician. She taught us about different types of overeaters, and how to battle back to better eating.
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Segment 5
Dr. Alis Favorite Protein Bars
Dr. Ali's Favorite Protein Bars
Protein in the morning keeps you fuller all day long and this recipe for protein bars is quite nutritious and high in fiber. For those on the go, they freeze well, and you can have them for breakfast or snacks throughout the day.
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Segment 6
Dr. Alis Middle Eastern Salad
Dr. Ali's Middle Eastern Salad
Full of protein and high in fiber, this salad can stay in the refrigerator for three or four days, so you can take it work for lunch or enjoy as a side dish.
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Segment 7
Dr. Alis Pasta Sauce and Noodles
Dr. Ali's Pasta Sauce and 'Noodles'
Not your mother's pasta sauce, this recipe is chock full of healthy vegetables.
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Segment 8
$50 Fixes with Genny Iannucci
$50 Fixes with Genny Iannucci
Fashion expert Genny Iannucci shows us how to transform the look of an outfit using accessories at a price tag of only $50. As these before and after photos illustrate, it doesn't take a lot of money to really create a new look.
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Segment 9
Repurpose Your Accessories
Repurpose Your Accessories
Fashion expert Genny Iannucci shows how to take those random pieces of jewellery and give them new life.
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