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Maximize Style in a Small Space

Small space living can be very challenging. How do you get the look you want and all the functionality you need? Designer Paula Velez shares her tips on maximizing style in a small space.

Go with bold walls

Don't shy away from bold wallpaper in small space. A feature wall creates interest and drama. You can hang artwork on wallpaper. This wallpaper acts as a neutral and the artwork punches up the colour you see throughout the space

Go neutral with your larger furniture items

The neutral couch and chairs allow the opportunity to be playful with colourful accessories. They will also have longevity, and that's exactly what you want from your higher priced items! For small spaces, look for slim furniture pieces. Too much depth may overcrowd a room.

Think about how you can use an item more than one way

This chrome bench is slim and stylish, perfect for a coffee table. It also serves as extra seating. When shopping for small space furniture, always try to find pieces that have more than one function. This bookcase is a great example of a dual purpose piece, as it folds down to a dining set!

Mix your patterns

The large graphic pattern of the rug is a playful touch. Don't be afraid to mix bold patterns in a small space. It creates energy and adds personality to the space.

Featured Items:
Cotswold 'Slate' wallpaper, Graham & Brown
Couch, chairs, metal stools, bench, bookcase, ELTE
Rug, lamps, artwork and accessories from Homesense

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