Steven and Chris

Make It Eclectic Chic

If you're unsure how to pull off eclectic chic, Style at Home's Erin McLaughlin has some keys rules to follow when pulling your space together.

Start Bold: Red is a risky choice for a sofa, but in an eclectic space, you really need to push the envelope, so this cherry red love seat is perfect. The red also works to draw your eye in. An eclectic space can easily get busy and overwhelming, so be sure to include moments of solid color.

Balance Bold with Something Neutral: Balance is key in any design, but this is especially true when dealing with an eclectic space. By no means does balance mean symmetry here, it is just about taking all your pieces in to consideration before including them.

The white accent chairs are visually interesting and bold, and can absolutely stand on their own, but the white will keep them from competing with the sofa. Similarly, the media console balances the sofa because it is solid and light. This piece in particular is a work horse. It serves its specific function and acts as a piece to ground some of our other elements.

Include a Few Unique Staples: When it comes down to it, this is a marble and chrome coffee table, but the octagonal shape makes it totally unique. An eclectic space absolutely needs some staple pieces that are unexpected. This was no place for a round or rectangular coffee table.

Add Color and Pattern: No eclectic space is complete without some pattern. This rug adds a graphic quality to the space, but the free hand lines keep it from feeling stiff.

Adding some other color was important in here, because the red sofa could not be the only pop of color. These pillows have almost an Aztec vibe to them, and really work to break up the solids.

Round It Out With Vintage: An eclectic space needs some vintage. These are often the items that become conversation starters. The history they bring to a space is unmatched with any new item.

Dang media stand, Shelter, Hogsten armchair, Hipplan love seat, IKEA; clock, rug, artwork, EQ3; pillows, zig zag pouf, Hex side tables, metal floor lamp, West Elm

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