Steven and Chris Episodes

Leftover Madness: Pulled Pork

The queen of leftovers, Voula Halliday, is back again with another main that goes the distance. How far can she pull pork? All week long!

Cocoa-Rubbed Pulled Pork
Voula's cocoa rub takes pulled pork to a whole new level -- especially when served on homemade parsley-onion biscuits!

Asian Pork and Rice Piek
All the elements of a pork stir-fry and more!

Pulled Pork and Beef Picadillok
A favourite in the Halliday house, picadillo is a meaty Latin American hash that's zesty and robust in flavor.

Individual Pork and Polenta Gratinsk
These little beauties are perfect for a dinner party. No one will ever suspect that you're serving (gasp!) leftovers!

Pork Piperade on French Toastk
A Basque specialty, piperade is a simple and very tasty quick stew made from sweet peppers. It's traditionally served with scrambled eggs or with ham, but Voula's version incorporates pulled pork and savoury French toast.

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