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Kitchen Transformation

Editor-in-chief of Style at Home magazine Erin McLaughlin pulled off an amazing kitchen transformation.

The kitchen was part of a 15-year-old builder home and the previous owner loved the look of country. Instead of gutting the kitchen, they brought in different layers of veneer, making the kitchen look a lot smaller and closed in.

The current owner is a gourmet cook who loves the fact that the kitchen is large, but hates the fact that she can't see any of her friends while she's cooking because of the heavy pots rack in the middle of the room.

There are four entryways and angled walls, making this kitchen an amazing design challenge. This was the most difficult kitchen Erin had ever tackled.

When redoing the floor plan, Erin realized that if she moved the range from one wall to the other, it created more space and gave the homeowner easier access to the island, where she loves to cook and entertain.

Space was also gained by using counter-depth appliances and more storage was created by running the cabinets right up to the ceiling. In all, an extra foot of space was added, allowing for a larger island, big enough for dining.

The four doorways was a particular challenge Erin had never come across before. Three of the entryways were in one end of the kitchen, essentially cutting of a quarter of the room. It was also a high-traffic area.

The solution was to create a small and shallow bar area. The custom bar is made out of upper cabinets. Glass doors and feet were added, as well as a black, granite top.

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