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Jeff Leatham's Floral Arrangement Tips

Flowers can be intimidating, but celebrity florist Jeff Leatham has the tips and tricks to keep your arrangements simple, clean, and chic.

Hydrangea drink from both stem and flower, so consider using only the flowers in a bubble bowl for a simple high impact arrangement.

Calla Lilies
Calla Lilies are a very resilient flower and can be shaped and formed in any number of ways. One of Jeff's signature looks is to line all the flowers up, cut the stems evenly, and angle them in a cylinder vase.

Orchids are the most luxurious flower out there. Despite their dainty nature, they too are very hardy. Group them in a monochromatic arrangement and submerge them under water. Adding a hint of sparkling water will create small jewel like bubbles on the peddles. Roses
Roses are in fact a relatively inexpensive flower. Don't get caught up in fancy arrangements, purchase one or two stems and use the pedals on a table top or even in a glass of champagne.

See Jeff's work at the opening of the new Four Season's Toronto.

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