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Island Recipes, Bathroom Gadgets, Create an Eclectic Bedroom, Home Office Organization

Steven and Chris share easy ways to get your office in order. Plus, Chef Joshna cooks up a delicious dinner inspired by the islands and Chris' Angels take potty humor to a whole new level.
Segment 1
How to Create an Eclectic Bedroom
How to Create an Eclectic Bedroom
Your entire bedroom should never come from one store or catalogue, says Andrika Lawren, who's a big believer in designing eclectic spaces. Take a look at how she pulls together a bedroom with personality.
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Segment 2
Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken
Enjoy the taste of the tropics year round with this flavorful jerk spiced chicken.
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Segment 3
Classic Jamaican Rice and Peas
Classic Jamaican Rice and Peas
Here's a classic side dish from Chef Joshna that goes oh-so-perfectly on the side of her jerk chicken. Kidney beans may be substituted if pigeon peas are unavailable.
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Segment 4
Easy Coleslaw
Easy Coleslaw
Everyone likes a good tangy, crunchy coleslaw, especially one made by Chef Joshna! Letting this sit for a little while before serving really gives the flavors a chance to make friends. This is great as a side dish, or on a sandwich.
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Segment 5
Pear Spice Cake
Pear Spice Cake
Serve this delicious, wholesome cake from Chef Joshna with a dollop of cinnamon whipped cream.
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Segment 6
Home Office Organization
Home Office Organization
A messy desk in an office adds to mental clutter and can lead to a loss of productivity. If you're swimming in a sea of bills, file folders, papers, cords and office supplies, it's time you re-organize your desk with Melissa Coghlan's five easy steps. Just look at the difference it makes in the example below.
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Segment 7
Chris Angels: Bathroom Gadgets
Chris' Angels: Bathroom Gadgets
Is it worthwhile incorporating the latest bathroom gadgets into your routine? We enlisted the help of the Angels to test them out and let us know!
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