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Income Property Spend or Save, Fabuless Classics, Organize Your Pantry, Body Quirks Solved

Steven and Chris take on the task of de-cluttering the pantry and Scott McGillivray tells us where to spend and where to save. Plus, Erica Wark shows us classic fashions for under $100, and we get some solutions for common body quirks.
Segment 1
Scott McGillivray: Income Property Spend or Save
Scott McGillivray: Income Property Spend or Save
When it comes to income properties, where to spend and where to save depends on your target market. Scott McGillivray, host of Income Property, breaks down how he plans and budgets executive rentals, basement suites, student housing and more.
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Segment 2
Body Quirks Solved
Body Quirks Solved
Eye twitches, mystery brusies, brain freeze - our bodies sometimes do strange things for seemingly no reason. Nutritionist Melissa Ramos shares her knowledge to help solve some of these common body quirks.
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Segment 3
Fabuless Classics
Fabuless Classics
Trends are a great way to play with fashion and change up your wardrobe, but classics make the perfect investment thanks to their timelessness and versatility. That doesn't mean they have to break the bank either. Just ask fashion stylist Erica Wark, who shows us six classic pieces for $100 or less.
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Segment 4
Organize Your Pantry
Organize Your Pantry
Is your pantry a stuffed-to-the-brim disorganized mess? Fear not. Steven and Chris' favorite organizational expert Melissa Coghlan lays out the best way to organize it in order to keep it that way.
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