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In the Kit

Professional makeup artist Marcia Garnes is always testing the latest and greatest products. Here she lets you know which makeup products you should buy and which you should skip.

1. MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick, $15

Buy it! Because it's universally flattering on any client Marcia's ever tried it on. A sophisticated, highly pigmented red, this is the lipstick to wear if you want to stand out in the crowd.

Insider tip: Avoid this if you have really chapped lips or are more mature. It only highlights any imperfections you have.

2. Benefit Fine One One Lips Cheeks Highlighter, $30

Skip it! Because Marcia hates the name and the packaging looks like deodorant. The three stripes of colour claim to lift, shape and pop. This product is a fun gimmick and doesn't have enough pigment to do anything close to lifting, or shaping.

3. Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes, $20

Buy it! Because it's a totally smooth, creamy and waterproof eyeliner pencil that will stay put through the day. Originally created for synchro swimmers, it comes in great fun colors.

4. Lip Smackers, $7

Skip it! Because the fun ends with the soda pop scents and flavors. You'll be licking your lips all day so this lip balm actually dries them out.

5. Bioderma, $22

Buy it! Because it's a great soap and oil-free cleanser that works on all skin types. Marcia always has this product in her kit for any quick makeup changes or to get off waterproof makeup with zero residue.

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