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How To Renovate for Your Collection

If you're a lover of art, have an extensive collection or are thinking of starting one, design expert Alison Milne has some tips on how to best display your pieces at home.

Lighting Is Key
Recessed lighting around the perimeter is best. Use swivel heards on pot lights to highlight artwork. Dimmer switches help control the volume of light on your wall mounted pieces. Consider wall sconces or lighting objects in unconventional ways if recessed perimenter lighting or track lighting is not possible in your space.

Be Creative With the Use of Wall Space
Mounting artwork on wall does not limit you to white walls! Use colour and texture. Create accent walls to showcase artwork and don't shy away from hanging art on brick walls.
Paint a stripe around the room and frame your art within a stripe if you don't want to frame your pieces!

Use Your Built-Ins and Wall Space
Showcase your collectibles on bulit-ins and floating shelves. This will create a curated look for these pieces.

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