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Hostess Gifts for Less

Forget the host with the most, set yourself apart as the best guest with these eight great hostess gifts. Each so thoughtful, they'll never guess you spent less than $25!

1. Homegrown Monogram mugs ($10, Anthropologie) stuffed with tea, coffee, hot chocolate mix, cookies and chocolate ($5/mug of goodies, Walmart).

2. Potted rosemary bush ($18, Jong Young Food & Flower Market, 416-922-4421) in Bladet plant pot and saucer ($9, Ikea).

3. 12 Days of Christmas and Egg Press canapé plates ($6-10, West Elm) topped with bake sale cookies (from $0.50/cookie).

4. Scented candles, ($15 on sale, Anthropologie).

5. Prism place card holders ($20, Summerhill Market).

6. Large brie baker ($10, Walmart) with brie, crackers and fig spread ($15, Walmart); mini brie bakers ($10/set of two, HomeSense) with brie, crackers ($8, Walmart) and spreader ($7/package of six, HomeSense).

7. Bamboo cutting board ($5, HomeSense) with cheddar cheese, fig jam, crackers ($12, Walmart) and spreader ($7/package of six, HomeSense).

8. Felt Stripe stocking ($19, West Elm) filled with candy canes ($3/box, Walmart).

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