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Holiday Dessert Table, Holiday Party Survival Guide, Plan Your Holiday Party Online, Santa's Mailbox Centrepiece, Monogram Cranberry Wreath, Masala Rubbed Turkey

Hilary Farr creates the perfect holiday tablescape, traditional turkey gets a spicy twist, and Hina Khan shares her holiday party survival guide.
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Santas Mailbox Centrepiece
Santa's Mailbox Centrepiece
A festive DIY to sit on your tabletop, add some merriment to your space with this Santa's Mailbox Centrepiece.
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Segment 2
Monogram Cranberry Wreath
Monogram Cranberry Wreath
Personalize your space with your festive decorations by making a monogram cranberry wreath of your own.
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Segment 3
Hilary Farrs Holiday Dessert Table
Hilary Farr's Holiday Dessert Table
Designer Hilary Farr loves the holidays and shows us how to decorate a one-of-a-kind dessert table that can fit into any holiday space. It's a great way to bring everybody together and make some great memories - regardless of what you celebrate!
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Joshnas Masala Rubbed Turkey
Joshna's Masala Rubbed Turkey
Chef Joshna's recipe is a delicious twist on a holiday favorite! Allowing the turkey to marinate and absorb all of the flavors of the spices before you roast it will create a deep and richly infused flavor. Serve with a simple cranberry chutney or a saffron veloute.
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Segment 5
Joshnas Saffron Veloute
Joshna's Saffron Veloute
This is a classic sauce that gets remixed by Chef Joshna with a bit of saffron in the broth. The color will be brilliantly bold, and the flavour will be enhanced with a certain floral sweetness.
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Joshnas Bejewelled Wild Rice
Joshna's Bejewelled Wild Rice
Chef Joshna's fragrant, hearty rice is delicious, and taken to a new level when you add nuts and butter to the mix. The maple roasted cranberries are like little jewels in this salad, adding a sweet, tart punch of flavor.
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Segment 7
Plan Your Holiday Party Online
Plan Your Holiday Party Online
Web Wonder Woman Jamey Ordolis returns with her favorite websites for planning your last minute holiday party!
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Segment 8
Holiday Party Survival Guide
Holiday Party Survival Guide
The holidays are time of festive fun, when people are getting together to celebratel. To help ensure we make it through without making any blunders, psychotherapist Hina Khan's shared her Holiday Party Survival Guide. Whether you're a partygoer or party thrower, Hina's got great tips for you this holiday season!
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Segment 9
Foodie Gifts Made Easy
Foodie Gifts Made Easy
Chef Joshna Maharaj says the best way to share some love is to encourage friends to create delicious meals with their family and friends. Here she shares three of her favorite gifts for food lovers, and she only had to make two stops: the grocery store and Canadian Tire.
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