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Girl's Room, Nursery, Roasted Artichokes, Break from Fashion Rules, Baby Gadgets, Foam Roller Workout

Check out a precious nursery and some great baby gadgets for your bundle of joy, and fabulous fashion that breaks all the rules. Plus, prepare a side dish so tasty it could be the main event and learn a full body foam roller workout.
Segment 1
Grow Up Your Girls Room
Grow Up Your Girl's Room
A viewer asked Steven and Chris how to update her bedroom from a little girl's space to a young woman's sanctuary. Take a look at the new grown-up look.
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Segment 2
High-Low Nursery
High-Low Nursery
With baby No. 3 on the way, Christine Dovey shares her favorite nursery essentials, and where to spend and save when designing a nursery.
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Segment 3
Roasted Artichokes and Fennel
Roasted Artichokes & Fennel
Chef Chris Brown whips up yet another flavorful side dish that deserves to shine as the main event. These are artful artichokes you're sure to love.
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Segment 4
Full Body Foam Roller Workout
Full Body Foam Roller Workout
Fitness expert Assata McKenzie shares a full body workout that can be done at home using the light-weight foam roller. Foam rollers are used by many athletes and physical therapists to help stretch and relieve tight muscles.
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Segment 5
Break Free from Fashion Rules
Break Free from Fashion Rules
Fashion stylist Afiya Francisco says there are no rules in fashion anymore, so don't get stuck in a rut with your wardrobe. It's time shake things up and start breaking the rules!
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Segment 6
Great Baby Gadgets
Great Baby Gadgets
In this edition of Life Made Easy, find three really great baby gadgets that will make any parent's life easier. A special shout out to a special helper, Steven and Chris' nephew Grey, who helped test a gadget or two!
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