Steven and Chris Episodes

Garment Gadgets

Must-haves for fashionistas and gadget geeks alike, there's room in every closet for these wardrobe workhorses!

Above, clockwise from top left.

This handy helper can stretch the waistband of your pants by up to four inches. It's perfect for making room to accommodate that post-holiday bulge! Hedonics, $25

Solo Hangers
These collapsible hangers make it easy to hang dress shirts, turtlenecks or any hard-to-hang topwith just one hand! Quirky, $11

Cap Washer
Give your smelly, old baseball hat new life with the Cap Washer, which lets you clean your cap in the dishwasher or washing machine without compromising its shape. Seen on TV Products, $8

Hanging Closet Safe
Business on the outside, party on the inside! This vest looks like a tank, but beneath a hidden velcro flap it houses 10 zippered pockets to stash your valuables! Layer it under a dress shirt to foil any thief! Bed Bath & Beyond, $14

The Laundry Pod
Eco- and budget-friendly, all this product needs is water, soap and a bit of muscle to get washing. It's a great alternative to hand-washing as it can handle more than one garment at a time., $102

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