Steven and Chris

Frugal Wall Art

Frugalista Amrita Singh shares a few frugal wall art options for the beginner. They aren't complicated, and they turn out pretty snazzy!

I Heart Travel

1. Find an old map.

2. Cut out a heart shape.

3. Carefully crumple up the heart and then un-crumple (for added texture).

4. Secure heart with a piece of tape to the back of a shadow box.

Pops of Color

1. Invest in a big hole punch from a craft store - check the scrapbook section.

2. Buy and/or reuse an old frame or piece of canvas.

3. Find an old paint deck sample, or grab paint samples from a hardware store.

4. Punch out samples with a hole punch.

5. Secure onto matte and/or canvas with tape or a glue gun.

Rotating Masterpiece

1. Rummage through the garage or thrift store and collect some old wooden picture frames.

2. Paint the frames in one color to complement your room.

3. Secure empty frames onto the wall.

4. Secure a large binder clip inside the empty frame.

5. Attach hand drawn art by kids and/or adults to binder clips and rotate out at your leisure.

Printable Art

1. Google 'free printable art' and see what options are out there! - Steven loves Vintage Printables! They also created a super-cute FREE printable that would work well in a kids room! Download it here.

2. Print out your art and use a frame kicking around your house.

3. Hang up your frame and enjoy!

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