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Frugal Food Gifts, Why You're Still Single, Poop 101, Loft Living

Impress any host/hostess with a homemade frugal food gift. Frugalista Amrita Singh shares a few ideas. And, find out why you are still single and what you can do about it. Plus, get some tips for decorating your loft.
Segment 1
Loft Living
Loft Living
Designer Trish Johnston has some decorating ideas for those living in a loft.
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Segment 2
Frugal Food Gifts
Frugal Food Gifts
Need a gift? Low on cash? Frugalista Amrita Singh has a solution! Whip up one of these frugal food gifts; they're easy to make and sure to impress any host/hostess.
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Segment 3
Why Youre Still Single
Why You're Still Single
Our dating expert, Andrea Bain is never afraid to tell it like it is. According to Bain, if you're still single, there's probably a reason why.
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Segment 4
Poop 101
Poop 101
Nothing says good health like a good BM! So Dr. Melissa is here with the scoop on poop and what yours is saying about your health.
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