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Family Rec Room, Healthier Eating on the Go, The Break Up Cocktail, How to Break Up, DIY Magazine Gift Bows, Comfort Food

Steven and Chris have tips for putting together a fun family room both kids and adults can enjoy and sassy single Andrea Bain shares her rules for breaking up. Plus, chef Tom Filippou cooks up cozy comfort food without the guilt, and Simon Ho makes the perfect cocktail for ladies' night.
Segment 1
Spend or Save: Family Rec Room
Spend or Save: Family Rec Room
Want to put together a fun family room both kids and adults can enjoy? Here we show you how with suggestions on where to spend and where to save.
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Segment 2
Healthier Eating on the Go
Healthier Eating on the Go
We're all trying to eat healthier despite being busy. Registered dietitian Tina Stewart shares her expert tips to help you do just that.
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Segment 3
Bean and Vegetable Chili
Bean and Vegetable Chili
Perfectly spiced, this warming and healthy chili by President's Choice chef Tom Filippou comes together quickly, making it a great weeknight dish.
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Segment 4
How to Break Up
How to Break Up
They say breaking up is hard to do, but not according to lifestyle expert Andrea Bain. Here's her advice on how to end it.
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Segment 5
DIY Magazine Gift Bows
DIY Magazine Gift Bows
Before you throw out that pile of old magazines, check out how easy it is to upcycle them into unique and colorful gift bows.
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Segment 6
The Break Up Cocktail: French Martini
The Break Up Cocktail: French Martini
Recently experience some relationship woes? Our mixologist Simon Ho shakes up a drink to help you forget your heart break.
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