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Durable Eat-In Kitchen Decor

An eat-in kitchen is often the hub of your home, and its daily use demands durable decor choices. Designer Lisa Worth gives her tips on how to design a stylish breakfast nook that is practical and functional for a busy family.

Choose a rustic table

Everyone wants a table top that can weather the kids and plates and scratches. With that in mind, stay away from dark woods and wood with little patina and graining, as they're impossible to keep pristine with the kids.

Maximize seating, minimize stains

A settee or bench is a very practical option, especially when if you have kids, letting you maximize seating. When choosing fabric, look at outdoor fabrics and leathers, which are amazing for staining and spills.

Consider stylish storage solutions

A vintage-looking armoire for dishes and storage is a stylish addition to any eat-in kitchen. Space allowing, a painted piece that doubles with storage is a perfect example of a practical piece that adds flair to the space.

Shop for an outdoor rug

A great rug is a must and it has to be durable. A great tip is to shop for outdoor rugs and use them indoors. Outdoor rugs are the most durable option and come in so many great designs these days. You can't go wrong!

Add double treatments to your windows

Consider double treatments for your windows. The ready-made wood blind in a warm stain complements the table. Large-scale motifs are still very much in vogue these days for fabrics. If you decide to do panels in an eat-in area look at natural fabrics like linens and stay away from dressier fabrics like silks.

Add warmth with a beautiful light fixture

Lighting in your eat-in kitchen should not be overlooked. It's a great way to layer in more warmth. A pendant with an old world touch complements the style of the armoire and table.

Create interest with artwork

Artwork in the breakfast nook adds warmth to the space and makes it feel more like a lived-in area. The glass bowls on the wall are an unexpected touch that add interest and makes the space feel less sterile than the average kitchen.

Table, chairs, settee, armoire, glass bowls on wall, pendant, ELTE; rug, Weaver's Art

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