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Durable Design

Good design has to be practical, and practical often goes hand in hand with durable. Deb Nelson offers great durable design tips so you can stop worrying about wear and tear on your decor.

Think About Materials

For investment pieces like sofas and chairs, you don't have to sacrifice style for function. You can upholster in really tough fabrics like Teflon, leather and faux-leather, which will protect your pieces in high-traffic areas.

Choose 'Distressed' Items for Less Stress

At home you might want to consider a distressed or rustic coffee table. It's a hot look right now and you really can't hurt it. It looks even better as it gets more aged and distressed.

Pick your Patterns

When choosing an area rug, for something with a lot of pattern and colour to help disguise stains. Also keep price point in mind: If you buy an inexpensive rug you might not mind replacing it in five years, whereas if you invest a fortune in a rug you'll likely be worried about constantly minding the traffic.

Go Pretty With Pillos and Throws

Accessories are where you can still have some pretty pieces that you don't need to worry about quite as much about in terms of durability. They don't get the same amount of wear and tear as chairs and sofas. Plus, pillows and throws are easier to replace if there is a spill or stain.

Featured Items:
Sofa, chairs, frames, IKEA
Table accessories, lamps, Elte
Coffee table, rug, West Elm
Art, prints, pillows, throw, Nelson & Co.

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